What is the problem in The Little Prince?

Expert Answers
chicagorilke23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Little Prince, the problem involves the little prince and his mysterious rose. The rose sprouts suddenly and becomes a new adornment to the little prince's world. He has never seen a living thing quite like her. As a result, he feels that she is special and unique to him. However, when he discovers the rose lies to him, he soon grows sad and feels alone because he believes he can not trust his faithful rose anymore. This growing gloom causes him to venture to other worlds and leave the rose behind.

The little prince then lands on Earth and soon discovers more roses in a garden. He is happy but then grows sad at the thought that his rose is not the only one rose that exists. A fox then teaches the little prince the meaning of love. It is with this new insight that the little prince realizes that his love makes his rose special and that he is responsible for her well-being. His new thoughts focus on returning to his beloved rose so he tries to figure out a way to make this happen.

Several problems exist in The Little Prince. The little prince needs to find an answer to his loneliness (which he does through meeting the rose and other characters). Then, the little prince also must find a way to cope with the faults of others while on his quest for ending loneliness. Finally, the little prince must find a way to get back to what his rose once he knows the meaning of love.