What problem does Dondre's team face at the country club in "A Mason-Dixon Memory"?

In "A Mason-Dixon Memory" by Clifton Davis, Dondre Green's high-school golf team is invited to play at the Caldwell Parish Country Club, but the club is an all-white facility. Therefore, it will not allow Dondre, the only Black player on his team, to play. Dondre's teammates decide to forfeit the tournament rather than play without Dondre.

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Dondre Green is the only Black player on his high-school golf team in Clifton Davis's "A Mason-Dixon Memory." Dondre's team has been invited to play at the Caldwell Parish Country Club, but when they arrive, the school athletic director, James Murphy, calls the four senior players to him. Dondre is among them. Mr. Murphy explains that "the Caldwell Parish Country Club is reserved for whites only."

The players have a choice that Mr. Murphy is leaving up to the four seniors. If they leave, they forfeit the tournament. If they stay, then Dondre sits out of the game. The other seniors don't hesitate for a moment. One of them says, "Let's get out of here." There is no debate. They turn around and walk back to the van. The younger players follow with no complaint and not even a backward look.

These young people have determined their priorities. Their teammate is more important than the tournament. If Dondre doesn't play, none of them will play. This takes significant courage and self-giving love. The team's actions lead to legislation that allows lawsuits when private facilities invite teams and then ban players based on their race. Indeed, Dondre and his teammates learn an important lesson. Dondre says, "The kind of love they showed me that day will conquer hatred every time."

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