What problem does Brian face at the end of chapter 17 of Hatchet?

The problem that Brian faces at the end of chapter 17 of Hatchet is that he can't find a way to get inside the wreckage of the airplane to retrieve the survival pack.

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In chapter 17 of Hatchet, Brian finds himself in a difficult situation. His camp has been severely damaged by the tornado, and his injuries prevent him from moving without pain. Yet, he still has hope. Now that the tail of the plane is exposed, he hopes that he can get in there and find the emergency survival pack.

After constructing a small raft and painstakingly making his way out to the wreckage of the plane, Brian finds that he has a big problem. There is no way to get into the plane. All the doors and windows are submerged under the lake. He considers diving underwater and getting into the plane from there. However, he would then be trapped inside. Brian is further disturbed by the thought of the pilot's body still strapped into the cockpit below the water. He does not want to get stuck inside the wreckage with that.

Yet, the prospect of getting the survival pack is enough to keep Brian motivated. He dives under the surface of the lake several times to search for a way to get in. However, the water is too murky to see very much. Brian can't find an obvious way in. Although he is close to it, it seems that he may never be able to get the survival pack.

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