Romiette and Julio

by Sharon M. Draper

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What problem did Julio’s father have with the chat rooms in Romiette and Julio?

Expert Answers

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In chapter 17, "Conversation," Julio's father says that Julio spends too much time on the computer and needs to get outside and talk to real people. In his opinion, computers are for work and not for talking to faceless people. His frustration is slightly tempered when Julio tells him he has met a girl in one of the chatrooms. He tells his son that he is happy he has found someone and admits that these days he seems to be a lot brighter.

There is a lot negative talk about chat rooms in the novel. In chapter 8, "Private Chatroom Conversation," there are various comments about how annoying chatrooms are and how "there's so much junk" on them. On page 53, Destiny tells Romiette never to tell the guy her name or any other details about her because she says they steal people's identities.

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