What is the problem in Chapter 2 of Old Yeller?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The problem in Chapter 2 is the arrival of Old Yeller. The big, ugly dog appears to be a stray, and makes his presence known by stealing the side of middling meat hanging from the rafters in the dog run. The side of meat is all that remains from last winter's hog butchering, and Travis, who discovers the theft and the culprit, is furious. To make matters worse, the dog doesn't even have the decency to act ashamed; he simply rises to his feet upon seeing Travis, and comes "romping toward (him), wiggling that stub tail and yelling Yow! Yow! Yow! Just like he belong(s) there."

Things go from bad to worse, as, while an enraged Travis is shouting and kicking at Old Yeller, Little Arliss comes running out and grabs the dog. Angry at his brother for trying to hurt the animal, Arliss picks up a battling stick and goes after Travis, trying to protect the dog which he has declared to be his own. To Travis' further consternation, Mama sides with Arliss, telling Travis that Little Arliss should be able to keep Old Yeller. She argues that Travis had had a dog when he was little, and that Arliss, who has never had one, gets lonely because he has no one to play with. Travis reluctantly complies with Mama's wishes, but determines to find a way to get rid of the dog in the coming days. Unfortunately, it does not look like Mama is about to let that happen. It seems that Old Yeller is there to stay, whether Travis likes it or not (Chapter 2).

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "Old Yeller" by Fred Gipson, Travis is sent by his mother to collect some meat off of the dog run. When Travis goes to get it, he finds it missing. He looks around and spots an old yellow dog. It has a chewed up ear and a fully belly. The dog doesn't even seem to care about what he had one.

Travis gets angry at the dog and starts to kick it. The dog starts yelping so loud that Travis' mother comes out to see what is wrong. Arlis begins to attack his brother hitting him with a stick. Travis' mother decides it might be nice to have a dog. Travis did not want a meat stealing dog.

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