What is the problem in chapter one of the book "Lyddie"?  

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beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter one of Katherine Patterson’s book “Lyddie,” a bear invades the family’s farm cabin, which scares Lyddie’s mother enough to pack up her family and move them to the home of relatives. Lyddie’s mother is a bit unhinged and the bear invasion makes matters worse. Lyddie refuses to go; instead, she stays on the family farm in an effort to save it. Her brother returns to help her once his mother and younger siblings are safely living at the relatives’ house. Lyddie and Charles maintain the family farm through a tough winter, weathering all of the problems that present. However, with the springtime a letter from their mother arrives telling them that she has hired them out for work in order to raise money to pay off the farm bills. The bear attack is ultimately a symbol of the problems Lyddie encounters throughout the book.

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