What is the probable significance of using the Jewish name of Emmanuel Goldstein in the book 1984?

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chasethesun eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Emmanuel Goldstein is a scapegoat used to distract the people of Oceania from the real issues within the state.  It is a tactic that contributes to the population's brainwashing.  Orwell's selection of a Jewish name for this antagonistic figure mirrors Hitler's use of the Jews as a scapegoat for Germany's problems prior to and during World War II.  Throughout the novel 1984, there are many parallels drawn between the Oceania administration and the fascism of the 1940s.  Using a seemingly Jewish scapegoat furthers the idea that Oceania is symbolically representative of the Nazi state, and Orwell's overarching warning that 1984 could have become real if the Allies had fallen during World War II.

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