What prior knowledge do readers have when they begin Anne Frank's diary?

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Many readers have heard of Anne Frank.  In many ways, she is a human symbol of the Holocaust.  She is considered one of the most famous Holocaust victims.  The basic information of her story is known throughout the world, even by those who have not read her diary.

In addition to information about Anne Frank herself, most readers will also have prior knowledge about Nazism and the Holocaust.  In the study of world history, World War II, Nazism, and the Holocaust are important topics.  People who have not read Anne Frank's diary will most likely know about Hitler's rise to power and Nazi Germany.  They will know that the Nazis had a platform of antisemitism, and this led to them restricting the lives of German Jews.  Jews were banned from schools and public places, and they were eventually removed from their homes and sent to concentration camps.  World War II began, and the Nazis started invading other countries.  The Nazis invaded Holland, where Anne and the Frank family lived.  They placed restrictions on Jews in Holland, and eventually they sent many of them to work camps.  Anne and her family went into hiding to escape being sent away by the Nazis.

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