What are the principles and elements of art? Please explain each aspect of them.like what are the principles and elements of art.

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This is a fairly interesting topic.  I find it to be so because it strikes at the heart of what it means to define "art."  I think that some would argue that there are specific principles or elements of art and help to define what art is.  Yet, there might be an equal number of individuals who would argue that art is a subjective experience and to place principles and elements upon its completion and construction takes away from this individual and personal experience between art and the artist.  The challenge I think would be to ensure that we have some shared definition of what art that would be able to allow for personal expression while maintaining a sense of understanding that is common amongst individuals as to what it means to compose art.  I think that it might be interesting to see how the American legal system in cases such Miller v. California and United States v. Extreme Associates have developed tests to determine what constitutes "art" and "artistic liberties."

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Please explain the basic art elements in comparison to the basic music elements.  

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Elements of Art:

  • Line: it is a point moving through space
  • Shape: 2-dimensional
  • Form: 3-dimensional
  • Color: Derives from black/white
  • Value: Scale of lightness to darkness
  • Texture: Illusion of feeling whether it is soft or rough, etc.
  • Space: Where the art is placed

Principles of Art:

  • Pattern: Recurrence of an element
  • Rhythm/Movement: Illusion of movement through space
  • Proportion: Size relation
  • Balance: Equilibrium or disequilibrium
  • Unity: Art is in peace with each other or the elements/principles are in harmony
  • Emphasis: Place importance on an element or principle

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