on what principle is the society in the satire based?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Principle" can be defined as "a basic truth, law, or assumption." The basic motivation driving the society described in Harrison Bergeron is the need to make as many adjustments as needed to render all citizens of the society equal to each other. The Constitution had been amended to require absolute equality, and the Department of the Handicapper General enforced the requirements necessary to achieve the uniformity dictated by the law. Citizens who had slight advantages in some area of appearance or ability were legally required to have slight handicapping devices. George Bergeron, with his natural intelligence level that was significantly above average, was required to wear a radio transmitter that interfered with his mental functioning enough to bring his thought processes in line with the average citizen. Harrison, who was mentally brilliant, athletically outstanding and physically handsome, was burdened with handicapping apparatus of every imaginable description, all of which proved inadequate to force him into the mediocrity that was the goal of the society.