What is the primary theme of the novel?  

helgfalk | Student

well - which novel?


arleve | Student

A novel is written particularly to convey a story. But the major things important in the writing or the quality of a novel is the 'plot', the 'themes' and the 'characters'. a plot has to be well defined and well developed. things should move on in a pattern so that the readers can identify it. if a plot is not proper the novel may not be able to prove its worth. a good plot can be identified in respect to the themes and the characters in the story, all three should compliment one and the other. according to aristotle plot is more important than characters in a story. however it is evident that both the things are equally important in a story. characters strengthen a novel and its plot. If they are round characters they are open to developing in the course of story, that in a way makes the story more intriguing. same as this dialogues in a story must be well written and well conveyed.

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