What is the primary motif in Brave New World?

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Much as an interior designer may use a motif to define a room, or building, a literary motif helps define the major themes of a piece of writing.

The most prominent motif in Brave New World is that of alienation, or separation.  It can be found in several themes used throughout the story.

Alienation from the body begins with the perpetuation of the species. There is the surgical removal of ovaries to support reproduction through technology. Promiscuity is rewarded in order to remove the element of family bonding.

Spiritual separation is achieved by separating a person’s desire to claim a spirit. This is evident in the many references to Henry Ford, the early twentieth-century industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company.  The new Lord is Ford, founder of technology.

To remove the desire to seek one’s own path in life, there is the conditioning of infants, via electrical shock.  This alienates one from the inclination to “be” anything that this technological society deems undesirable.

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