What are the primary colors? I am pretty sure that they are magenta, yellow, and cyan but on my science quiz it said that was wrong.  Thanks!

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Magenta, yellow and cyan are what are used in photography to achieve the primary colors which are red, yellow, and blue.  The colors magenta, yellow and cyan are also the colored light rays used to give you a television picture.  Your answer was partly correct, but probably not what your teacher was expecting.

If you have the color spectrum, remember that  white light can be broken into a spectrum giving you the rainbow. ROY G. BIV is an acronym for each of the colors. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet)  Red, Yellow, and Blue are the primary colors. Orange is a combination of red and yellow. Green is a combination of yellow and blue, and violet is a combination of blue and red.

If you mix all of the colors together in paint on canvas, you will achieve black.

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