What pricing and other marketing recommendations would you make to Southwest as it enters the Philadelphia market?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As Southwest Airlines develops plans to enter the Philadelphia market, there are several strategies it should consider. The airline needs to make its brand more attractive than its rivals.  One way to do this would be to come into the market with very competitive prices. This may lure flyers to the airline. The airline should strongly promote its policy that travelers get to fly with two pieces of luggage at no additional charge.  Most airlines charge for bags.  Additionally, Southwest should offer frequent flyer promotions such as double miles or double counting of flight segments for a period of time.  Southwest should also offer nonstop flights to places that other airlines don’t fly nonstop if it is profitable to do so. Finally, Southwest should research the peak flying times into and out of Philadelphia and offer flights at those times. By using competitive pricing and marketing strategies, Southwest could gain a share of the Philadelphia market.

dkrupp87 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Like any new company expanding their market, Southwest needs to find a way to differentiate itself from its competition. This means it needs to expand its advertising and marketing strategies to meet the needs of the new demographic in Philadelphia. A major issue in airlines currently is baggage fees. By offering a second bag for free, Southwest will attract more customers. They also can offer more nonstop flights out west. This meets the needs of their customers. Competitive pricing and market strategies will be key to their success in the Philadelphia market.