What prespectives does the novel ,The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie " offer on education and ar?

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'Give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she will be mine for life.' 
Miss Brodie influences the girls into taking in her views and opinions on art, she asks 'who is the greatest Italian painter?'  The only answer Brodie will accept is that of Giotto because, 'he is [her] favourite.'  The girls are not allowed to form their own opinions on art.  However, this is the complete opposite to what art stands for, as it is individual, everyone gets out something different than the other but due to Brodie's high opinions she almost diminishes the true meaning of art. Education: Brodie believes that the way she teaches is best and will not listen to anyone that criticises her, especially Miss Mackay.  It is true that Brodie offers a wide spectrum of knowledge to her girls, which is what most teachers do today, rather than teaching material solely for exam purposes students are given more scope.  However, Brodie's teaching relationship is one the is extremely dangerous and debatable as she goes beyond the teacher/student relationship.  Brodie is like the Mussolini she admires so much as she pressurises the girls to conform to her views on art, education, love, and many other aspects as she uses her power of authority and influence over them.                     
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