What present has Gobbo brought to give to Shylock?

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When Launcelot Gobbo's father, Old Gobbo, a servant just as Launcelot is, comes to visit, he brings a basket in which he has placed a "dish of doves" as a present for Shylock.

Gobbo is partially blind, so he comically fails to discern he is talking to his son. Also, when he feels the back of his son's head, he thinks he is feeling Launcelot's beard. When Launcelot finally convinces Gobbo that he really is his son, Launcelot doesn't want his father to give the doves to Shylock. He says he is hungry himself from Shylock not feeding him enough:

I am famished in his service. You may tell every finger I have with my ribs. Father, I am glad you are come.

Launcelot urges his father to give the doves to Bassanio. Launcelot is hoping to leave Shylock's service to work for Bassanio and believes the gift will help smooth the way. Therefore, the gift is diverted to Bassanio.

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The present is food ("a dish of doves"—line 124).  

This takes place in Act II, Scene 2. Gobbo has come to visit his son Launcelot after not seeing him for a few years. Launcelot has been working as a servant for Shylock, so Gobbo, wanting to show respect, brings a present for his son's master.

At the same time Gobbo comes to visit, however, Launcelot has just decided to stop working for Shylock. As a result, he does not want his father to give Shylock the present. ("Give him a present? Give him a halter!"—lines 97-98). Instead, Launcelot instructs his father to give the present to Bassanio, with whom he hopes to get a job. When Bassanio shows up, Gobbo offers him the "dish of doves." The doves never make it to Shylock.

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