In The Great Gatsby, what preparations does Gatsby make for his reunion with Daisy?

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Gatsby's preparations begin with buying his house where he did.  He knew that Daisy lived across the bay. He held the extravagant parties at his house hoping Daisy would come to one of them, but she didn't.  Next, he befriended Nick and then asked him to invite Daisy to tea so he, Jay, could "drop in".  Once Nick had the date set up, Jay inspected his own house, turning on the lights in every room to light up the house with light which "...fell unreal on the shrubbery...".  The day of the date, Jay sent a man to Nick's house to mow Nick's lawn.  Jay sent a "greenhouse" of flowers to Nick's house with "...numerous receptacles to contain it."  Jay, himself, dressed for the occasion in what was probably a carefully chosen ensemble of a white wool flannel suit, a silver shirt, and a gold tie.  Clearly, Jay wanted everything to be perfect.  He put a great deal of planning into this occasion so that he could impress Daisy.  He lost her five years prior because of his poverty, now he hopes to return to that time five years ago and change the course of events by being rich this time.