What preparations did Montresor make before he led Fortunato into the catacombs? 

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Montresor chooses the carnival season as the time to go after Fortunato. Montresor surely supposes that Fortunato, a lover of wine and parties, will be at the carnival and probably drinking. He may have counted on Fortunato being intoxicated and therefore easier to manipulate.

Perhaps most importantly, Montresor has a cask of wine (amontillado) in the catacombs and uses this to lure Fortunato in. Montresor plays upon Fortunato's pride. He suggests that he might ask Luchesi as to whether the amontillado is genuine or not. Fortunato is much too proud of his knowledge of wines to allow this and he insists on tasting the wine himself.

So, Montresor counts on Fortunato being drunk when they meet and uses wine and Fortunato's own pride to manipulate him. As they descend, Montresor has Medoc waiting en route to the amontillado, which is deeper in. This helps calm Fortuanto's cough and keeps him intoxicated, thus making it easier to coax Fortunato (sometimes with reverse psychology) farther down. When they get to their destination, Montresor has chains, staples, and a padlock waiting. He uses these to chain Fortunato to the wall. He has stone and mortar waiting and he uses these to wall Fortunato in.

Kathryn Draney eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  • The preparations that Montresor makes prior to leading Fortunato to the catacombs include having a cask deep within the catacombs, having wine on hand to keep Fortunato drunk, and having chains, staples, and a padlock waiting to chain up Fortunato. He also has the stone and mortar waiting for him to wall Fortunato in.
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