What is prefix meaning one-thousandth?

krishna-agrawala | Student

In metric system of measurement the prefix 'milli' is used to denote one-thousandth. Thus 1 millimeter is one-thousandth of 1 meter, and 1 milligram is one-thousandth of 1 gram.

The metric system of measurement has standard prefixes for quantities which represent place value of number in decimal system. More common of of these prefixes and their values are given below:

Kilo - 1000

Hecto - 100

Deca - 10

Deci -1/10

Centi - 1/100

Milli - 1/1000

With the need to represent much larger and much smaller quantities many additional prefixes of this type are now used. For example:

Mega - 1000,000

Micro - 1/1000,000

Nano - 1/1000,000,000

neela | Student

Milli is a prefix in matric system meaning one thousandth part of.


Milli meter= 1/1000 0f a meter.

Milligram=1/1000 of gram

Millisecond =1/1000 of a second.

Milliampare =1/1000 of an ampare.

one thousanth, when you have the at the end, it means its ina  decimal place and decimal places start off as tenth place 

tenth= .1

hundredth= .01

thousandth= .001