What are the precautions to prevent an earthquake?  

Expert Answers
bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator
There is no way known to scientists to prevent an earthquake from happening. There are, however, some strategies one can take to lessen the likelihood of having to go through an earthquake and risking damage to life and/or limb. There are some places on the Earth that are simply more prone to earthquakes than other. People who live in California have to deal with earthquakes every day, from large ones to small ones. People who live in Mississippi are far less likely to experience an earthquake. So location is one thing that can be controlled. Another would be to notice shifting surroundings in the local landscape. If you do live in an area such as California, living in a house designed to absorb the shock waves an earthquake produces might be an option. Pets seem to have a 6th sense in picking up vibrations we can not feel, so if your dog or cat is exhibiting strange behavior, they might be detecting the onset of an earthquake.

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