What are the practical applications of evaporation and sublimation process?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The process of evaporation involves change from the liquid phase to the gas phase. Sublimation is the direct change from the solid phase to the gas phase. There are a number of applications of these processes.

Evaporation has been used for a very long time to obtain salt from sea water. Typically, the salty water of the sea is stored in large pits from where the water evaporates, leaving salt behind. Evaporation of sweat from our body helps keep our body temperature down. Clothes are typically dried by hanging them out in the open. Film deposition on a variety of surfaces (known as substrates) is done by mixing the solute in volatile solvent and allowing the solvent to evaporate, leaving behind a film of the desired material.

Sublimation is commonly used in freeze drying to preserve food products. This is the reason we find ice inside packs of frozen food. It is also used to purify chemicals.

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