What are the potential synergies that may exist between leadership styles and how the leader can capitalize on them to increase productivity? Provide a logical discussion.

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This is a great question. As you know, there are many different leadership styles. Not one style is the best in all circumstances. Great leaders are able to adapt according to context. Therefore, their leadership style is a hybrid model. For example, when things are in a mess, there needs to be a strong leader. When there are many capable people, who are able to do the work, then delegation is a better approach. They key to great leadership, from this perspective, is the ability to discern what is needed at any given time. 

There is another possibility. This is when there are a few leaders with different styles working together. In this way, leaders can help each other and there can be something synergistic taking place. Let me give you an example. Many companies are now huge and they span several continents. So, if there is a leader who is particularly good at solving problems in Asia, then by all means send that person there. If there is another who finds his or her sweet spot in Europe, then send that person to Europe. When we are able to fit the right leader to the right context, then productivity will increase. Moreover, if we are able to get the right team of leaders together, then there will be increased productivity over all. 

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