What are the postmodern elements of Cloud Nine?Are there any challenges for actors or directors?

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Cloud Nine is a two-act play by British playwright Caryl Churchill. It premiered in 1979 and explores ideas of colonialism, gender, and family. The postmodern elements of Cloud Nine can pose challenges to actors and directors attempting to stage the play. Act 1 takes place in British colonial Africa during the Victorian period. Right away, Churchill deconstructs identity with her casting guidelines. The play centers on the family of Clive, a white British administrator. His wife, Betty, is meant to be played by a man; his young son, Edward, is meant to be played by an adult woman; his black servant is meant to be played by a white actor; and his daughter, Victoria, is simply a doll. Victoria is quite literally a prop on stage, which comments on the nature of female children as figurative props in the family unit. In order for Joshua, the black servant, to fit in with Clive's family, he must reject his people and act white, hence the choice of casting a white actor. The nontraditional...

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