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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As the term indicates, the idea of postcolonial literature is reflective of life after colonial rule in nations that were controlled by parent nations.  The idea of how life and identity is constructed after colonialism is rich with ideas, and is a basic element of postcolonial literature.  The genre seeks to examine how the past influences the present and the future, or, in a more postmodern sense, how there is not such a clear distinction of time.  The issues of racial identity plays a large role in postcolonial literature.  At the same time, postcolonial literature seeks to assess how the identity of nations that are controlled and how the identity of people in colonized nations could parallel one another.  At the same time, postcolonial literature is intensely constructed on the idea of what constitutes purity in one's identity.  For example, in postcolonial literature, the idea of how much of one's national or individual identity is contingent on the parent nation or the freed one is extremely important to the genre.

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writings that deal with de-colonization