What post modernist techniques are used in Donnie Darko?

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Donnie Darko uses a style of story telling that is somewhat fragmented and which generates an uncertainty relating to truth or knowledge. Fragmented narratives and uncertainty of knowledge are both characteristics of post-modernism.

"For postmodernists [the response to modern life] took the guise of being self-conscious, experimental, and ironic. The postmodernist is concerned with imprecision and unreliability of language and with epistemology, the study of what knowledge is" (eNotes).

Opening the story with Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) waking up in his pajamas far from home, the film offers uncertainty as its primary ethos as Donnie (we discover) has no idea what he is doing at night.

Unaware of his own actions, Donnie's character plays into a notion of fundamental epistemological flaws as part of the human condition. (How can he trust his sense of what is real and knowable if his own actions are unknowable? How can he come to understand the truth if his apparatus for understanding --...

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