Nicholas Sparks

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What are some study questions for "A Walk to Remember"?

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A Walk to Remember is American author Nichols Sparks' 1999 love story about two adolescents in 1950s North Carolina.

There are a number of possible study or examination questions for A Walk to Remember that may help one prepare to be tested on its theme, story, and contents. Outlined below are several possibilities.

1. Why does Landon refuse to acknowledge his interest in Jamie?

2. What significance does the cemetery have in A Walk to Remember?

3. Landon exhibits feelings of both rivalry and kinship towards Eric; why was it that he had these seemingly dichotomous feelings?

4. Describe how Landon's mother plays both parental roles in his life. And, how does Hegbert do the same for Jamie?

5. What are the two or three major, overarching themes of A Walk to Remember?

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