What are possible treatments for low fat absorbtion in the small intestine due to extensive bowel resections due to cancer resulting in "straight gut syndrome"?

Expert Answers
pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Breaking the day's food up into six or more small meals rather than two or three large ones is generally recommended, as it allows the body a better opporunity to absorb nutrients. Also one should avoid drinking with meals, as extra fluids tend to push food along aster, lowering contact time for absorption.

Most diets for this condition are moderate to low fat; some people find that if they eat fattier foods early in the day they absorb them better then.

Avoiding foods that can cause gas and diarhhea is important, as this again will keep food in the gut longer to allow more absorption time. People with this problem sometimes become lactose intolerant, so taking care with dairy products is a good idea. Foods containing simple sugars, such as fruits and refined (white) grains should be avoided if diarrhea is a problem.

janelle3383 | Student

Thank you for the information. The web sites are helpful too.