What is a possible thesis statement concerning the theme of choices & consequences?One that is easy to support using quotes.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my mind, I think that a possible thesis statement concerning the theme of choice and consequences might involve how personal commitment is needed to substantiate these decisions.  Antigone might be the best example of this.  She is fully aware of the consequences of breaking Creon's order.  Yet, she believes that she is acting towards a higher end of justice, something that transcends the legal conditions set forth by Creon's rule.  In her belief of the authenticity of her choices, Antigone is acting in complete concert with her choices.  She embodies how her decisions involve a level of personal commitment that requires total and absolute commitment.  She never wavers in this belief and she understands what is at stake.  The thesis could surround this reality is that individuals must abide by the consequences of her choice, from which there is no escape.  Creon must do the same with the realities of his choice of enforcing his edict at the cost of his family and his own sense of suffering.  Ismene must also live with the fact that she acted with a stench of cowardice in her ability to stand for her sister, something that would have tormented her when Antigone dies and she must live.