What are the possible positive benefits of following a religion? 

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There are several positive aspects of following a religion. One is that religion requires a person to develop a daily discipline to follow. Committing to going to services daily is a discipline that is hard to develop. Following the rules and regulations of a religion also requires discipline. It may necessitate a change in behavior or routine. To be able to do these things requires a person to be very disciplined.

Religion may also provide comfort during difficult times. Believing there is a divine plan for everybody may help a person through trying circumstances. When a person believes that everything that happens is for a reason, determined by God, it may bring comfort to the individual.

Religion also provides a sense of community. Going to services daily allows for relationships to develop. Having a communal meal may bring fellowship and socialization. It may lead to doing activities outside of the religious institution. Additionally, there are many opportunities for socialization and volunteerism within a religion institution. Sharing happy and sad events together gives people a source of joy and/or comfort. Being a member of a religious institution may give a person a sense of belonging. Religion can bring many benefits to an individual.

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