what are the Possible negative effects of Ionising and non ionising radiation?Discuss the negative effects of ionising and non-ionising radiation.

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Non-ionising radiation -

Non-ionising radiations are the radiation which dont have sufficient energy to inflict ionization. Those are visible waves, UV waves, infrared, microwaves, radio waves, electric waves and magnetic fields.

But these non-ionising radiation can have some bad health effects,

1) UV radiation can cause burns in skins and in the cataract of eye, leading to skin cancers and blindness.

2) Powerful laser waves can also damage eye sight if exposed directly to them

3) Exposure to electric and magnetic fields can also cause problems to central nervous system and may increase body temperature in high frequencies.

4) UV can genetically mutate DNA, leading to gentic diseases and cancers.


Ionising radiation -

Ionising radiation includes the high energy waves in the EM spectrum, x-rays and gamma rays which are electromagnetic waves. Also ionising radiation includes, alpha and beta particles from direct radioactive emmisions and sometimes neutrons can also participate in indirect ionisation.

the bad health effects are,


1)DNA mutaton and cancers


3)Deformed births through generations (ex: chernobyl and Japan)

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