single car driving across the desert

This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona

by Sherman Alexie
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What are possible good strong essay topics for This is What it Means to Say Pheonix, Arizona

Expert Answers

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This chapter of Alexie's book is often used to teach satire. In particular Alexie satirizes the life of the Indian, and the impression current Americans have of Indians. We see this in the experience between the boys and the gymnast on the airplane.

This piece focuses on a relationship between Thomas and Victor. Their friendship may be a worthwhile topic. Alexie clearly demonstrates a difference between their social classes and how relationships can often penetrate between those barriers in order to flourish and grow. Victor doesn't want to need Thomas but he does.

Thomas' clinging to the old and accepting the new is another worthwhile topic. He seems to maintain a balance of culture we should all embrace. The ability to value our heritage, but maintain necessary advances helps a society thrive.

The issue of forgiveness that occurs between a son and father, and among friends is another worthwhile topic.

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