What are the positives of US involvement in other countries?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two different ways to think about this question.

First, we can think about the positives of American involvement for the other countries.  At times, US involvement in other countries can help those countries.  For example, US involvement in Somalia today is helping to keep Islamists from running the entire country.  US involvement in Haiti helped that country after the earthquake of a few years ago.  US involvement in the Balkans might have helped to prevent more widespread crimes against humanity.

Second, we can think about the positives from the American point of view.  Mainly, we can help to promote stability through our involvement in other countries.  It is in our interests to have other countries be stable and peaceful.  This helps the world economy and it helps to prevent us from having to worry about armed conflicts.

Thus, we can say that American involvement in other countries can be (though it does not always work out this way) beneficial to both the US and the foreign countries.

arjun | Student

US must involve in other countries to help them in their development but not to exploit or destroy them. She destroyed Iraq,Afghanistan and making Drone attacks on Pakistan. In Burma,there is a great massacre. Muslim are killed and none attempts to interfer.It is definite that she takes sides with terrorists.I think her involvement is based on her favouritism and we can not call it positive involvement. We will appreciate her,if she makes peace throughout the world.Besides,it would be her positive involvement and known the best humanitarian country.