What are the positives and negatives of laser eye surgery?At least 3 positives and 3 Negatives

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Laser eye surgery, commonly referred to as LASIK eye surgery, is a corrective procedure done with a laser on the eyes of patients in order to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.  The positive benefits are a correction of vision problems without having to wear corrective lenses or contact lenses, improved vision, and a faster patient recovery time than traditional surgery techniques.  The negative benefits are this surgery is not for everyone, only specific eye types, and the possibility of the production of aberrations, or distortions of vision, such as halos, starbursts, and double vision.  Some patients report extreme discomfort and disorientation with the use of LASIK.  I personally know a woman at my church who has undergone several LASIK procedures and still does not have the results she expected to have.

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To add to the list, I know several people who have had laser eye surgery. Most of them are very satisfied with the results. However, one woman wound up over-corrected. She used to be near-sighted, needing glasses to see anything more than a foot or two away. After the surgery, her distance vision is extremely sharp, but now she is far-sighted; things within ten feet look fuzzy, and she can't see small things like text at all without glasses. When she asked about having the surgery redone, the doctor told her that the risk of excess scarring was too high. Instead of getting rid of glasses, she simply needs a different prescription now.

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The positive of laser eye surgery is that it can solve a problem.  The negative side is that the surgery can also create problems.  Laser eye surgery can be the only option for people with cataracts or other eye conditions.  Some people do not respond well to glasses and cannot wear contacts with their eye condition.  Laser eye surgery can offer solutions to those that cannot be easily treated with contacts or glasses.  This type of surgery can have side effects.  It can cause blurred vision.  It can cause difficulty with night driving or bright lights.  As with any surgery, there is always the risk of irreparable damage.

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Laser eye surgery is usually safe. I have never known anyone to complain. People usually see better after having the surgery. Having glasses and contacts is such a pain that most people are willing to have it done just to get better vision. However, it s still major surgery, so you should be aware of all of the risks before you do it.
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One possible negative of the surgery is that some patients don't achieve the 20/20 vision that they enjoy with glasses or contact lenses, so they are frustrated with this slight lack of clarity. For some patients it takes time to get perfect vision, others never get it. 

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After the surgery if all goes well... you 1) don't "have" to wear glasses anymore (glasses are cool though) 2) Excellent vision 3) you get the experience. So you can tell others about it and be the "recommender" person :D

Negatives - you could lose your sight, it makes your eyes extermely dry and it takes a while for most to recover. Oh and you don't get to wear glasses anymore...:(

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The Positives of Laser Eye Surgery

1)    Noticeable improvement in vision.For me personally, and others I have spoken with who have undergone laser surgery as well, the results are immediate. Once the surgeon was finished, I looked around the room and was able to find the area to sit down. Just twenty minutes before I wouldn’t have been able to see the seat, let alone be able to walk over there without running into something.

The Negatives of Laser Eye Surgery

1)    One major negative of having the procedure is of course the price of it. Depending on where you decide to have lasik it can cost you anywhere from a few hundred per eye to a few thousand. When you consider the freedom that lasik eye surgery will give you though, it really cannot compare.