Outside of her phyiscal traits, what are the positive qualities of Jordan Baker?

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One of Jordan's positive qualities would be her skill at golf. Although it becomes reflective of one of her negative qualities when she cheats at a tournament in order to win, it is evident that Jordan possesses some skill at golf.  The qualities needed to be successful at golf are elements that Jordan has within her.  She is able to approach being in the world with a calm detachment, a separation that enables her to develop a sense of focused understanding about purpose.  Jordan's ability to harness these traits in her personality can be seen as positive elements.

In a larger sense, Jordan is confident and completely assured of herself.  Unlike Daisy, who possesses some level of self- doubt and waffles at critical moments, Jordan is driven by her sense of self.  Jordan is confident in what she wants.  Her sense of confidence is what Nick finds to be attractive.  Within this confidence, her impulsive personality comes across as lively and a spirit that embraces life.  While these personality traits end up becoming corrupt as the reader gets to know more of Jordan, on their own, they are positive qualities.