What positive or negative influences have humans had on local enviornment?

orchid101 | Student
Positive influences: (1) Conservation of natural areas and the gene material they contain. (2) Ecology and rational use of island ecosystems: The objective is to preserve the traditional life style of the natives of such areas. Emphasis is given to impact of tourism, resources exploitation, and alien plants and animals on such systems. (3) Ecological assessment of the pest management and fertiliser use on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems: The programme lays special emphasis on development of ecological safe methods for control of pests of agriculture and public health importance. Negative influences: The mad race among nations over the globe for development jeopardised the health of man itself. Progress in agriculture and industry resulted into unlimited exploitation of every bit of natural resource. Such activities of man had adverse effect on all forms of living organisms in the biosphere. Unlimited exploitation of nature by man disturbed the delicate ecological balance between living and non-living component of the biosphere. Thus, pollution is a gift of industrial civilisation.

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