The Post-American World Questions and Answers
by Fareed Zakaria

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What are the positive and negative effects of America's world leadership role?

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For Zakaria, one of the most positive elements to American leadership is that the exporting of democracy worldwide.  Zakaria is open enough to say that the democracy as a government worldwide is part of America's positive effect on the world.  Zakaria sees democracy popping up as a government option throughout the world and this would be a boon that is attached to America's influence across the world.  Simultaneously, this is also a negative of America's leadership across the world.  The belief that democracy can be "planted" anywhere is a problematic situation, in Zakaria's understanding.  The negative element to America's world leadership role is that any nation, every nation, can embrace democracy and model themselves like America.  There is little consideration of the circumstances and conditions in such a situation, which end up actually undermining democracy when it cannot prosper in situations and conditions that are needed.  For Zakaria, this is where there has to be a recalibration of  America's leadership role in how democracy is applied to different conditions.

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