What are the positive and negative aspects of Dee’s character, focusing in particular on her relationship with her family?

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On the positive side, Dee is beginning to show an appreciation for family artifacts, items that have been hand-made by relatives and items that have served her family for generations.  Dee has also finally made the trip home, and she's brought a friend (or boyfriend, or husband, we are never sure), indicating that she no longer feels embarrassed by her family and her upbringing. 

On the more negative side, however, Dee looks down on her mother and sister, Maggie, for lacking an education and failing to share her sense of what makes an item important.  She is very condescending when she speaks to them.  She is oblivious to the fact that her family still uses certain items regularly, and she wants to take them home with her to do "something artistic" with them despite the fact that they are still in use by her mother and sister.  Dee's sense of heritage is that it is something to be preserved, to be hung up on a wall, like she would do with the quilts, but she doesn't understand (or will not try to understand) her mother and sister's idea of heritage: that it isn't past, but present, and that we most honor people we love by preserving their memories and not their things.  Dee's sense of superiority will not allow her to recognize the value and validity of either her family's history or their current ideas.

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