What are the positive and negative aspects of Dee’s character, focusing in particular on her relationship with her family?

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On the positive side, Dee seems genuinely pleased to see her mother and her sister. She has written to them that she would visit them wherever they choose to live. She eats with gusto the food they have prepared for her, and she wants to take home the family's handmade churn top and dasher to decorate her home.

On the negative side, Dee is narcissistic and arrogant. She has managed to separate herself from her impoverished upbringing and has received some education. However, she fails to understand that she has overstepped by asking for the two handmade quilts that have been promised to Maggie. She offends her mother and her sister by declaring that Maggie won't appreciate the quilts and will reduce them to rags through "everyday use." She also takes...

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