What are the positive impacts of development of green energy from a perspective of businesses and companies?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are no impacts of the development of green energy that are positive for all firms.  Different firms will be impacted differently by this development.

For most firms that are not directly involved in the energy business, the main positive impact of the development of green energy will be lower energy prices.  As green energy develops, there will be more total energy available to be bought.  As there comes to be more energy available, the price of that energy will drop.  Firms will therefore pay lower prices for the energy they use.  In this way, they will experience positive impacts from the development of green energy.

The obvious example of firms that are not helped by the development of green energy is firms that make their money from fossil fuels.  A firm that owns oil refineries will, of course, be harmed by the development of green energy.  So will a firm that transports oil or coal from place to place.

By contrast, firms that have to do with green energy will clearly benefit from its development.  A firm that builds solar panels will be helped by the development of green energy because it will be likely to find more buyers for its panels.  A firm that installs wind turbines will benefit for the same reason.