Joseph Stalin

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Critically assess Stalin's policies on Artistic and Political Opponents.

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For Stalin, the emergence of purges is the critical element in his approach to artistic and political opponents.  Stalin used the purge as his way of addressing dissent.  Artistic and political expressions of dissent or opposition were purged.  While this shows a sense of complete and total strength, I think that it is representative of the growing centralized authority not having any checks or limitations.  Stalin had no problem inserting himself as the center of his own artistic understanding of Socialist Realism, where his cult of personality was evident.  Stalin's political approach to silencing voices was mirrored by his own artistic assertion of his own voice as the only voice.  

When critically examining his policies in both forms of dissent, one recognizes that Stalin understood his own being as one that became the center of self- glorification.  Stalin did not see the need for competing notions of the good.  Even the most generous analysis of his policies on artistic and political opponents would have to concede that the use of force through purges was the way in which Stalin dealt with dissent on both levels.

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