Women Reformers and the Suffragettes

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What positive impact did the Women's Rights Movement have on the U.S. society?

Gaining the right to vote was a major step for women in the US toward achieving all the liberties afforded to male citizens. The milestone eliminated one of the most important barriers that legally established women as inferior to men in the view of the American government. As a consequence of this new liberty, women could enjoy a sense of legally recognized individual worth and increased participation in civic life. Women's voting rights helped move the United States closer to equal standing under the law for all its citizens.

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Both of the previous answers have focused more on economic and legal impacts.  Therefore, I will focus on the way that the women’s rights movement has impacted us on more of a societal level.

Because of the women’s rights movement, more girls and women have come to think of themselves as the equals of men.  This has transformed our lives in many ways.  Where once it was odd for girls and women to play sports, it is now the norm.  The high school where I used to teach now even has a girls’ wrestling program.  This is a far cry from the days when few sports were available for girls and girls’ sports were considered to be much less important than boys’ sports.  In school bands, there are no longer instruments that are seen as off limits for girls.  Girls play saxophones and trumpets and trombones.  Among teachers, there are plenty of female...

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