What are the positive aspects of George and Lennie's friendship in Of Mice and Men?

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Although a study of Of Mice and Men has to focus on the negatives and what eventually happens to Lennie, it is unfair to say there are no positive aspects of George and Lennie's friendship. The friendship provides Lennie an opportunity to participate in a world that would otherwise be very unaccommodating to him; for George, the friendship provides a focus that takes him beyond merely day-to-day survival.

Lennie's disability is not clearly defined in the novella, but it is historically accurate to say a person with an intellectual disability at the time at which the story is set would have had very few options available to him. Before George takes Lennie under his wing, Lennie is cared for by his aunt. For the time period, that is believable. People with disabilities were frequently hidden away by family or institutionalized. (For historical context, consider President John F. Kennedy had a...

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