Is Wiliam Shakespeare's As You Like it a political play?

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William Shakespeare's As You Like It is not considered a political play. A political play refers to a drama which tends to address issues related to society as a whole. Political plays tend to address social change, societal movements, and progressive actions. While As You Like It is not considered a political play, some of Shakespeare's other plays are considered political dramas (such as two of tragedies (Macbeth and King Lear) and many of his historical dramas (King John, Richard II, and Henry V)). 

As You Like It is considered to be a Romantic Comedy. 


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Thanks a lot for the answer. In fact I've got to answer the question : To what extent is As You Like It a political play?

May I say, in my answer to the question, that I totally disagree with the fact that this play of Shakespeare is a political play?