What are the political impacts of the Declaration of Independence?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Declaration of Independence was a major document that had significant political impacts. Once the Declaration of Independence was issued, the colonists publicly stated they were no longer being ruled by Great Britain. This meant that we considered ourselves a free and independent country. Of course, Great Britain didn’t recognize this, meaning war was going to occur. Thus, one political impact was it led to war.

Another political impact was it forced Britain’s rivals to decide if they should help us or not. In the beginning, Spain and France took a wait and see approach. Once we won the Battle of Saratoga, Spain and France began to help us in the war against Britain. This help was important in our eventual victory.

A third political impact is the Declaration of Independence forced us to begin to govern ourselves. We needed to make agreements with other countries, establish a financial system, and create some form of federal government. We now had to do things that Britain had done for us.

Finally, the Declaration of Independence served as a model for other revolutions. While we didn’t know this at the time it was written, other countries would use this document in their quest for freedom. Just thirteen years later, France modeled its revolution after ours.