Discuss the ideology the Old Major represents in Russian History.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Old Major's ideology could be seen as one of two ways.  Both impact Russian history in a profound manner because they both set in motion the wheels of Communism in the Soviet Union.  The first way to see Old Major would be as Karl Marx, the source for Socialism.  Old Major's way of talking about the idea that the animals' source of all problems lies with the humans and that the ownership of the farm, the means of productions, must be with the animals is representative of Marx's own thinking about how individuals are enslaved by capitalist ideology.  Additionally, Old Major's vision of a world where the animals are economically and socially empowered is representative of Marxist thought.  Old Major can also be seen as a representation of Lenin, and his desire to bring Communism to Russia.  Lenin took Marx's ideas and appropriated them to the Russian situation.  Often seen as the father or literal leader of Russian style of Communism, I think that Old Major could also be seen as Lenin.  Either form allows the vision of Old Major to be the inspiration for the start of Animalism on the farm or Communism in Russia.