What are the political consequences and effects of 47 XYY?

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Humans have a total of 46 chromosomes. 23 chromosomes come from each parent. There are 23 homologous chromosomes. Males contain an XY pair, whereas females contain an XX pair. 47,XYY is a condition where a male contains an extra Y chromosome within all or most diploid cells. This condition typically arises in 1 out of 1000 newborn boys. There are a variety of controversial biological consequences associated with having this additional Y chromosome in males. For a good review of these consequences, please refer to the provided resource.

What are the political consequences associated with 47,XYY ?

This is a tough question to answer since research is ongoing regarding the biological consequences of having this additional Y chromosome in males. Males are believed to be at an increased risk of acquiring learning disabilities and delayed speech and language development. Since this is a non-inherited condition which is believed to arise due to an early non-disjunction event leading to sperm cells containing two Y chromosomes instead of the normal Y or X chromosome.

An argument can be made that based upon genetic testing results one can substantiate the claim that these individuals are deserving of special services to address the downstream potential learning, speech, or language deficits that might arise. Are these individuals genetically predisposed to acquire these deficits? Herein, we have a potential political consequence. Should legislation be passed to screen for this condition? Such screening may substantiate the provision of special services. 

Studies show that XYY individuals may have greater incidence of personality disorders that may result in greater incidence of criminal behavior. If so, the relevance of the present legal and criminal systems may be unable to accommodate the needs of XYY violators. Criminal law and the criminal justice system are significant political concerns from which significant political consequences may arise.