What points in the story does Odysseus seem more like a human, with weaknesses and limitations?The Odyssey

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There are two different parts of the Odyssey that come to mind.  Odysseus was a strong warrior, so there aren't too many times when he appears weaker and limited.  However, when he was trapped on Calypso's island, he had no power or control whatsoever.  He was a mortal, she was a goddess.  She compelled him to stay, even though he did not want to stay.  He longed to go home and see his wife.  He was trapped on her island for 7 years. 

Another time when he seemed to be limited and weak was when he arrived home in Ithaca.  He was dressed as a beggar, and he had to remain quiet and reserved.  He had no control over anything that was going on in his land.  He was the king, yet he had no way to control the suitors or their maids. He couldn't even tell his wife that he was back.  He couldn't even hold her and tell her he loved her. 

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