What are the points of the arguments in Chapter 3?

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Some of the basic arguments and ideas put forth in chapter 3 is how rebellion threatened those in the position of power.  Chapter 3 details how the theory of rebellion and the existential threat it posed to the Status Quo.  Zinn's point in bringing this out is to suggest that the idea of rebellion was something basic in the historical condition of the United States.  At the same time, this condition was put down in the most intense of ways possible.  In this dynamic, Zinn suggests that American History was predicated upon those who felt the need to change the Status Quo to reflect their interests, such as Bacon and the frontiersmen as well as those who were economically challenged.  At the same time, the passing of laws by those in the position of power to suppress and limit this expression was also a part of the historical evolution of the nation.  This dynamic was essential in understanding the basic condition of life in Virginia.  Zinn's point in this making such an argument is to show how there was a fundamental chasm between those in the position of power and those who lacked it, a dynamic that will come to define the growth of the nation.