What are points for?

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eNotes points are earned by asking and answering questions in Homework Help, taking quizzes, rating others' answers, and more. The purpose of the points that you earn is to advance you to the next rank, or to help you earn special badges for your profile. As you earn more points, you can advance from eNoter, to Honor Roll, Salutatorian, and higher. These ranks and other special awards reflect your level of participation on eNotes. You can view all of the ranks and awards at this page

At the moment, students' accumulated points are for merit only, but we are working on a special scholarship program for eNotes members to be unveiled this fall. Prizes will be awarded based on students' participation answering questions in Homework Help. So, keep an eye out for big upcoming changes that will help you earn rewards just by being involved with eNotes!

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Yes, thank you Jessica

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