What is the point of view of the story in Frindle?

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Frindle is written in third person omniscient.  This means that we know everyone’s point of view.  Most of the story centers on the point of view of Nick.

Point of view describes how a story is being told.  Third person omniscient  point of view is not limited to one character.  In this story, we often get Nick’s perspective, but Nick does not tell the story.  The narrator is inside Nick’s head, but is not Nick.

On the outside, Nick was still Nick.  But inside, it was different.  Oh sure, he still had a lot of great ideas, but now they scared him a little. (ch 14, p. 88)

Since the story focuses on Nick, we get the fifth grade perspective most of the time.  However, the perspectives of the principal, reporter, Mrs. Granger, and Nick’s parents add to the story and give the reader a fuller picture of Nick’s world.


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