What is the point of view of the short story "Just Lather, That's All" and how does it affect the story?

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The point of view of this short story is first person.  The barber is telling his own story.

This affects the story because it gives us great insight into the major conflict of the story.  The major conflict of the story is the dilemma that is going on inside the head of the barber.  He is having to decide what to do about this man who is really an enemy to him.  He holds the enemy's life in his hands and must decide what to do.

By using a first person point of view, the author lets us see quite clearly all the tension that goes on in the protagonists mind and all the things he must consider.

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The short story "Just Lather, That's All" is told through the first person narrative which is narrated by the barber.  By having the barber tell the tale the reader is able to step into the barber's experience as he contemplates what he should do.  The reader feels the tightening in the throat and the tension of one's body as one follows the thought process of the barber.  One can almost feel one's own hands becoming sweaty and shaky while the barber is shaving the man and contemplating slitting his throat.

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